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Classic Thai, Chinese & South East Asian Food
Curry, Soup, Crab, Lobster, Noodles, Aromatic Duck, Salads, Chinese, Thai
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Prawn Dishes

Served with plain rice.

Kung Pao Prawns

Cooked in spicy & sweet sauce with dried chillies & peanuts (wheat, soy bean,sesame oil & oyster sauce)

Sambal Prawns

Prawn in thick sambal malaysian spice sauce

Black Pepper Prawns

Stir fried in black pepper sauce with vegetables (wheat, soy bean and oyster sauce)

Szechuan Chilli & Garlic

wok tossed in garlic, sweet & spicy sauce with spring onions

Sweet Sour Prawns

Prawns cooked with sweet & sour sauce

Crispy Prawns

Lightly battered and fried prawns in saucy spicy thai sweet chilli sauce & peppers.